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Our special needs animal sanctuary opened almost exactly 8 years ago, and we have used the All Pine Litter Boxes since day 1. The boxes have been exactly what we needed! We re-ordered a few years ago, but only because we increased our cat population. They have been durable and efficient, extremely easy to clean, the cats love them and so do we. In addition, the company has been a joy to work with. Like most other animal groups we operate on a shoestring and have to pinch pennies. The boxes have been economical and delivery has been very timely. We are most satisfied with the company and the product.

I have a multi-cat household, with seven litter boxes. Recently, I purchased two of the new sifting litter boxes.  They are the most popular litter boxes in the house, because they stay clean, with no soggy sawdust in the box.  I like them, too, because they are so easy to clean.  They also save me money, because there is no wasted litter thrown out with the sawdust. My cats are happy, and I'm happy.  Thank you, Feline Pine, for a great new product! -Katherine Campbell, Nashville, Tennessee

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the kitty litter box arrived this week and I am literally in kitty litter heaven! The box is completely fool proof and works like a charm. Just as intended, the sawdust falls to the bottom container. I just scoop up the poop, give it a simple shake, and voila! -- all I see is fresh feline pine pellets at the top. No odor, no mess. I actually think that even my kitty litter-shy husband, who avoids going anywhere near the box lest he inhale some unpleasant fumes, will have no problems with this new system! Oh, and before I forget, our cat, the true mistress of the house, is enjoying it too! Many thanks!    -Diane S.

The two-tiered boxes are great!  They are so much easier to maintain, no tracking, no silica dust, and much more environmentally responsible.   -Terry, Lincoln Park MI

"I am thrilled with the litter box. It is so easy to keep clean. I find it very sanitary, never an odor. Economically, you save so much of the pine litter, not scooping it out when cleaning the "old fashion" way. You have a winner. I highly recommend the litter box for the pine litter."   -Karen Bosto

I'm writing to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with your new litter box. You have revolutionized the dreaded part of pet care! I have four indoor cats and the litter box gets heavy duty use. This litter box system greatly extends the life of the pellets, I am using about half the amount as I did before. It is very easy to keep clean, the cats love it and so do I! A bonus is the sawdust collected in the bottom pan is used to hold down the weeds around my shrubberies. This litter box makes it so much easier to care for the cats - thank you so much! -Nancy MA.



WOW!!!!!!! I can't believe your new litter box system!!! Just a few weeks ago I attempted to make a sifting system myself, but to no avail! I've LOVED your product for years, and now it's use will be even easier!    THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!

We just got our new kitty from the shelter, and she is currently housed in my bedroom until she is feeling confident enough to explore the entire house and stand up to the dog. That means her litter box is a mere 5 feet from the head of my bed. She has been using the box for a week now, and I just did the first complete cleaning. The used sawdust in the bottom portion of the litter box was easily poured out into a used grocery bag for disposal. Solid waste is easy to scoop as long as one has a slotted scoop like yours with the larger openings. There is no smell, and no tracking. I have had cats nearly my entire life, and I think this is the easiest litter system I have ever used. Previous to this, I used the clumping litters, both in a regular litter box and in a sifting style box. The problem with those is that wet litter sticks to the box and has to be scraped free, and of course it tracks. Thank you for a well-thought-out and well-made product that will keep both the cat and me happy.     -Janet



Hello! I want to say that I ordered two of your litter boxes and WOW!!  Do I love them!  They make cleaning up so much easier!  Out of 4 cats, I only have one that is not too fond of the new litter...yet.  I'm sure in time she'll get used to it.  Otherwise, I love the convenience and the no-smell attributes of the litter and the way the boxes sift the 'sawdust'. 

"Just a short note to say the self-cleaning litter box is a miracle come true. No more litter dragged across the bathroom floor, no more messy looking box, so much neater now...just love it and so does izzy the kitty who uses it...thank you, thank you, thank you."    -Kate Neuman and Izzy

Hobbes and I are very pleased with his new litter box I ordered.  I had been waiting for this design for years!    It is wonderful...Thank you.    -Glena

The two-tiered boxes are great!  They are so much easier to maintain, no tracking, no silica dust, and much more environmentally responsible.   -Terry, Lincoln Park MI



Hello, After trying virtually every litter and litterbox system over the span of many years, I finally settled on using the Feline Pine pellets again. I read the testimonials on the FPLB, and decided to order (2) boxes from you. I am literally ecstatic about them...... and so are the kitties. The area remains clean and fresh smelling AND most of all, no sawdust tracking! I'm so glad I tried your product and am telling all my friends about it. Thanks again for giving us the option being happy cat owners AND having happy cats!     -May Bradley



I received the cat box about a week ago. Thank you. I must admit that I was hesitant to spend so much money on a cat box. However, we have recently moved from a condo with wall to wall carpeting to a house with wood floors. What a revelation! Suddenly, we could see the litter sawdust being trailed around. The new cat box has made all the difference! Also, it is easier to keep clean, you don't get the corners filled with urine soaked litter and it is a cleaner environment for the cat too. Well worth it. Thanks.

"I have four cats and three of the pine litter boxes. Disposing of the waste is easy, and the sawdust left goes on the flowerbeds. It is environmentally safe and there is no dust in the house. We will be ordering two more in the near future."
-Mary Epperson

The ALL PINE LITTER BOXES are the quick and easy way to scoop the pine litter.  I have 5 cats and 7 litter boxes.  I first tried one of these special litter boxes and found it so easy to use that I couldn't wait to receive 6 more.  I simply spoon out the hard matter and any large wet sawdust areas then, using the scoop, stir the pine litter so that the remaining sawdust falls to the bottom and into the pan beneath the sifting box. I wish I had had this pine litter from the start along with the very nifty and ingenious sifting litter boxes. It took a little while to make the switch from clay litter to pine but it was worth it. Thank you for simplifying and improving my life!!!!!    - Lonny, Williamsburg, VA  


This is perfect for my cat and was just about what I was trying to design myself – and you solved the issue I had with other elevated litter systems: a full sided unit inside another full sided unit means that my cat isn’t able to pull up the inner system when she paws at the litter. She seems to be comfortable with it right away and it seems very well made. I will be telling my breeder and other cat people to check you guys out.  -Bobbie Burgess


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great the siftinglitter box is working out.  It truly saves a lot of my time.  I only need toclean out the bottom once a week, no smells, no mess, no liners and100% use of the litter product.  No wasted litter.  It is the little things in life that we get so excited about just because of the timesavings and convenience.  I just think this product is the bee’s knees for so many reasons and would not switch to any other.

"We are so glad we ordered the litter box from you. Not only do the cats love it, but we do too.  The shaking does get rid of the wet litter and there is no odor. Thanks for a great product!"    -Candace and John Conaway


Just love the design of the boxes.  Nothing else comes close to doing the job...easy clean-up, no tracking.  Just love them and want more. Hope sales are doing well.   -Dale McPherson



Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the new litter box.  Not only is it easier to clean, I'm using the sawdust around my trees outside to eliminate trimming and saving on feline pine pellets all at the same time.  Who ever figured this out is my hero!  I'm spreading the word - hope you do very well.  Thanks!    -Nancy York

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